Soft-plot builds for leaving mysteries and such around for random users to find

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I pulled this out of the block designs thread so it might be worded a little odd for that context.

I would soooooo love multiple topiary-optimal chidelable blocks. This makes me want to be able to do short-term builds in the sense that you can create a mysterious bit of landscape or small building containing clues for this or that, breadcrubs in the woods, etc, the difference being that the changes you made to the “soft-plot” can be chopped or harvestd like you can do to stuff in the reserve plots around someone’s build – however, whatever the person who comes across the thing can harvest or carve into it, add other stuff to it, but the soft-plot regenerates whatever you mind back to pre-soft plot confitions and anything you add to a found soft-plot regens like it normally would.


Do you think soft-plots should be decided by beacon plotter or by substance?

Substance-based: For example, a “spider web block” that anyone can interact with to “destroy” until it regens, sort of like a door. These substances could hold items so someone who destroys it gets the item.

Beacon-based: The entire 8x8 is "soft-plotted’ so any block within can be temporarily altered. Regen bomb would restore the build not to nature but to the version only including deltas/changes made by the plot owner.

I think substance-based would be easier for devs to implement since it’s a bit like a fancy door.


I like this idea
But wouldn’t people just be able to use these for unlimited regen farming of any mats they want?

Personally I have no objection to this, just saying


Maybe add the restriction that you can’t get resources from soft plots? So if you wanna Regen farm you still have to do it on reserved plots like it is now and these soft plots wouldn’t allow resource gathering to take place in them.? Somehow?

Technically you can do something approximating soft plots on exos. Some people have been building little surprises on them

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This is indeed possible to a limited extent
I call it “Building Wild” :smiley:


I was thinking it would work just like someone built something or planted stuff or placed plants, fungus, boulders, tunnels, water, bridges, blocks with fancy seams, whathaveyou, very sandboxy, but once the build is made any block broken or picked etc reverts back to the original nature — however I hadn’t thought of allowing a build to have a second beacon-like thing that lets someone keep the original build protected and the new layer basically only gets protected from being regenned by the world regen (or a bomb, maybe that’s configurable or needs exploration) – basically I was just looking for a way to make a build on-the-sly that doesn’t regen automatically but each block will become part of the regular regen cycle once hit, etc. This seems way more complicated than it needs to be – being able to build up a landscape or add things, buildings, whatever and have them not automatically regen with the world regen cycle — easier than going block to block would be just let the build be as if it were wild (choppable, etc) except for the world regen part, whatever is removed stays removed. Letting the build live unregenned for maybe a month or so.

It’s mostly just a sandbox idea, the best implementation woould be as close to existing functionality as possible, maybe there already are configurations like this, Quests are very verry cool tho.