Solo Climbing The Gem Wall

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Hey there!
Last time you heard about this solo deal I had just crafted reg-workbench coils. I had reached and begun to climb the dreaded and hated Dun dun Dunnn “Boundless Gem Wall!” (Distant screams). And then I went and played the game with a friend from RL and i cheated heavily on that character. It was fun :grin:

Recently, well today really, I checked the ol’Solo build and found that it was about to go bye-bye. I reclaimed it manually. Thus, when I start the next stream, in about 30 minutes, it will be as if I have taken too long to return to my beacon.

Here’s a link to the last upload

Come on by and say hello if you wish. I unfortunately won’t have a voice, but the Boundless tunes will be going regardless of Youtube’s complainin.

My channel, there’s some other clips and vids there for your entertainment.


Here we gooooo!!!

Blocked almost immediately! Thank you Youtube! :flushed::skull: