Solo playing of a different sort

Last night I thought I’d put a few hours in, something I haven’t been able to do a lot of lately. I needed some Oortstone to keep my gates running, so I decided to hove over to Lamblis for some easy hunting and pick up some Waxy Earthyams because I can never have enough wax.

The gate opened, and the stats indicated a world population of 1. I was going to have the entire world pretty much to myself. I was going to solo a whole planet.

So, what happens when you’re the first person to walk across a region boundary on a world that no one has touched for a long time? Boom. Boom boom. BOOM!!! It was like two lovers who had been apart for months. Fireworks. Meteors everywhere, just like [INSERT NATIONAL HOLIDAY HERE].

At one point I was handling two meters that fell within seconds of each other (and within shooting distance of each other) when a third one fell just out of range. Sweet. My discovery was that if you have more than one active meterite all spawns from all gates belong to the first one to hit until its finished, then the second, and so on. The creatures match the gates they come through, so if a level 1 hist first followed by a level 2, you will get level 1 and level 2 spawns respectively, but all kills will count toward the first meter until it’s done, then they start counting towards the second.

Anyway, I crossed many regions and battled a lot of meteors and came away with plenty of Oortstone given they were all level 1 or 2. Then a goat headbutts me into lava out of the blue, nowhere near a meteor. It was a shallow lava patch, I jumped out and survived (!) only to be headbutted by the same goat moments later and killed. So it goes.

Anyways, I though I’d just share. The joys of low player counts.


Thanks for your short story :heart::heart::heart:. Im usually on lamblis every night making or digging something up.Looks like you got some goodies so it ends well.That has hapoened to me many times been headbutted and yes into kava too.I normally die falling from a great height building my place.It hapoens alot i think i keep accidently pressing a button i shouldnt when im trying to build high.Unless i have a worn out ps4 controller.I enjoyed reading your tale thanks.

First, thanks for highlighting this. Never did it occur to me to look for a world with a low-player count to solo gather oorts.

Second, I hope you learned your lesson to not :heart::heart::heart::heart: with goats (:joy:).

:heart::heart::heart::heart: = the word “mess” :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and a guild mate did delta last night just the 2 of us. It was great. Walked out with 200 oort and a sense of accomplishment. Bingo bango!

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I do the same on Xafrant. When I play not many people are around. I often am by myself or 1/2 other people. I don’t venture far but just go in circles of 4 to 5 regions and even when I am only building meteors will drop.

I also had the level 1 and then 2 but I didn’t notice that they would count to the first. Good catch :slight_smile:

Lava and wildstock or the spitters with the push back bombs are the worst combination :joy: