[Solved] Chat problems

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I think that chat connection between PC and PS4 is not very good. The player from the image is trying to talk to me but he can’t see my text in chat.
It might be mistake and everything could be a misunderstanding but, thought to bring it up.

As for Timebomb, if you manage to read this… Yes, you can join us.
This is our discord server:

PS: When you get on the server let me know that is you by telling me how we first meet. :slight_smile:

It was from the Parental Control :smiley:
It’s all good now!

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I had a player yell at me in chat because I couldn’t hear his mic… pretty sure that feature isn’t even in game yet. That kind of miscommunication between ps4 and pc players is bad, I’ve recently been playing on a controller and resorted to buying a mini wifi keyboard to talk easier.