[SOLVED] I don’t understand about plots

I have tried to keep my area of plots completely separate from other players & have been successful over the last several years & now all of a sudden I am no longer my own location. I have been absorbed into a larger player/group and don’t want this. I don’t understand sovereign worlds & can barely afford the $30/annual PS+ sub that allows me to play at all, please don’t suggest that esp if it costs extra.

I have several cognitive deficits & have tried to solve this on my own but apparently I just need someone to please explain why this happened, if I can make it stop (I have scaled back my plots and reduced the size of my location, which is already modest, and it still won’t undo), or is this something I just can’t change? If that is the case, does it allow people from the larger group access to my stuff or is it just some kind of territory thing?

Thank you in advance for being patient & considerate if you respond to this. I just want to keep playing the game by myself, which is typically only 1-3x a year, and always for Halloween.


Do you have plot protection enabled on your beacon? Firstly make sure you have plot protection enabled

This way noone can connect to your build because of a 2 plot wide buffer

  1. Go to your main/master beacon. Turn on player/plot protection (buffer).
  2. Place a guild book, create a guild for yourself & add your beacon(s) to it. Give yourself & your alts permissions.

You should then have full control over your settlement & it’s name. If you are within a larger city, you will still see that listed on your top navbar as the general location.

Edit to add: No one can access/take/use/remove any of your items unless you manually give them permissions.


Do you know what city is absorbing you? We can definitely work this out.


Like @HOST and @majorvex said also if you lose settlement name this doesn’t mean others can build and do stuff in your plots. That is only possible if you manually give permissions to people (beacon or guild book).

Only thing that changes is the settlement name but you can also create a settlement with in a settlement like step 2 of majovex post.


I’m not sure if I’m replying correctly. I read thru all the responses, TYSM everyone, I checked on plot protection & everything is on so I understand that will make sure nobody can alter my location. I’m still attached to the larger group but according to the plot map there’s space between me and the other locations so maybe I’m missing a plot somewhere or maybe someone is underneath me with claimed plots

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if you removed plots it takes a bit of time to show the changes.
where can i come see you? i’d like to have a look myself.
also if you have anxiety+ logins only 3x you can expect this to happen, first thing i would do is contact the player connected to you without making a drama out of it

yet you ask for help from other players?

anywho I’m willing to look as i said but please if you want things done and changes to be made and respect earned you have to interact with others


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I asked for information. I tried to solve the issue on my own. I do everything on my own & when I realize it may not be something I’ve done I ask the community. I do not need advice on how to interact with others especially when nobody is ever on when I do login.

This isn’t about me & how I choose to play, which I am entitled to.

It is about the mechanics of the game & the best resource for info. involves asking other players after exhausting all other sources.

Edit: SORRY that asking about this amounts to “drama”


Unfortunately, any unplotted areas on public planets are open for any other player to plot (as long as they aren’t griefing by blocking you or encircling you, etc). It doesn’t look like you have/had plot protection enabled because the would-be buffer zones overlapped by at least one plot.

Have you created a guild for yourself & your beacon(s)?

Some people that prefer to play solo will move if a nearby town encroaches upon their place. I’ve done that several times myself.

Just know that you don’t have to join their settlement or follow their rules. They may ask you to move, to join them, you can ask them to move or ask them to build in a different direction, etc. You can put up a sign and/or a mailbox so that they can contact you if you aren’t online at the same time as they are. If you wish to avoid all contact, I would just suggest leave things as they are or move to a less populated area. And no, you don’t have to interact with other players if you don’t want to.


You still haven’t replied to my question “where can I come see you”
Give me some guidance on how to get to your area please

So I can have a look with you

I think this comment is inappropriate.


couldn’t there something buggy with beacons once connected and then being only 2 plots apart ? (i could be wrong) my neighbour’s place has the name my beacon used to have (haven’t seen them in ages, only noticed recently, could be a manual change, but there’s no reason for it) we had 1 plot gap pre protection update, now extended to 2 plot. i have a vague memory of accidentally briefly connecting the 2 places at some point…

if the name change isn’t automatic after a reasonable time, can you widen the gap to 4-5 plots (temporarily) ?


fair enough that’s your opinion :slight_smile:

Thank you to MV & everyone who didnt feel the need to criticize how I play or insist I tell them where I am.

I checked everything you mentioned and followed the steps you outlined about creating a guild book and it seems I have everything back on track now. I have run into this before and was able to fix it on my own in the past, but this time it seemed I kept missing something so that’s why I scaled back my place but it didn’t seem to be making a difference so I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something.

(I actually did put up a sign asking my neighbor if they could please check their plots before I decided to post here because I wasn’t sure how long til that neighbor might be back in the area)


glad you got it solved!

you would only see him 1-3x a year if even :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya, @girlcreeture, welcome to the forum!

I think it’s a real shame that the larger group didn’t at least ask if you were OK with being subsumed.

I have similar issues, and I’m lucky that I’ve been largely left alone in my hermitude. What I’ve tried to do (not saying this prescriptively to your situation, just by the by) is to encourage that if someone is going to build right on my border for some weird reason … that they go for nice, modest, local builds that fit the area.

Of course they’re allowed to do whatever they want, and I’d never insist on a thing. But Equally, there’s literally a whole universe out there, and you’re choosing to plop your “first” (I speech mark that because in one/two cases it’s clearly been someone’s alts) huge ass build right next to mine? Nah, something’s rotten in the state of Denmark there.

I mean … I’m not saying this nastily about folks. There’s clearly new folks (such as yourself) who might not realise the peaceful vibe that this game has, and that you don’t need to compete for anything. Sometimes, though, when this happens, and they’re not particularly receptive to kind suggestions, etc … it’s best to just raise it to the devs, and let them mull it over.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to be properly unemotional when we’re thinking about someone building a 15 story high tower that ruins the view out of the East Wing. :wink: … Because we spent so long curating that … This all makes it hard to tell apart those people that are:

  1. Purposefully griefing, because they are used to it in other games, and as such aren’t necessarily being mean, per se, but they need to get used to this game.
  2. Purposefully griefing because they’re an ass.
  3. Accidentally griefing because they don’t know.

Either way, after you’ve had whatever conversations you have managed to have with the encroachers (keep screen shots) … leaving it to the DEVS/MODS to sort out (raised in a respectable manner) can sometimes be the best way to handle this sort of thing.

Kind of like your neighbour’s not taking care of that Japanese Knot Weed in real life. :wink:


No one can claim plots above or below your build. Once you claim a plot(s), all that space above and below those plots is not claimable by other players. That’s why some people build up in the air or below ground. To leave the surface free for creatures and materials to regenerate.


As someone who has been griefed in the past, I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m glad that the problem has been solved.
But if you ever need help in game, don’t hesitate to ask. There are people like myself who are only too happy to come and annoy griefers. :+1:


TYSM for this thoughtful reply, I really appreciate it!

I started playing pretty shortly after the game came to PS4 & liked it so much more than MC et al. I actually really have enjoyed watching what people build, esp because I was alone on my little spot for some time it seemed. I had a longer than usual hiatus tho and came back to an enormous build that actually did completely hose my view with a giant black wall, but I was still fine with that because I understand it’s an MMO. I am pretty realistic about that aspect I think & so far have been ok with the growth, because one aspect of the game I love is being able to wander thru doors and see what people have made.

My modest build is therapeutic for me whereas being a tourist to other people’s builds is a relax technique.

It was just really confusing & hard to understand why my spot kept getting sucked into another build so I kept frantically removing my plots. I did put up signs a while back stating basically that I’m a rare player with mental illness and the game helps me, but also I’m not moving.

I have other neighbors who are totally cool about staying in their respective plots but this one particular one is so close, I had to scale back to even begin to tell if I had placed a plot too close myself, or if they had & I just flailed cognitively after, when it wasn’t working & came here after my other research didn’t pan out.

I’m glad for all the replies from helpful people here & will not be leaving the game and I have a better understanding thanks to the nice people here & am grateful for that!


Thank you!! I’m not very used to being around other players when I log in so I tend to run away from people when I see them. I haven’t played with other players in a long time, I used to solo Everquest if that’s a helpful indication of my gaming prefs & how long I’ve been playing online. Unfortunately I don’t play Boundless on the reg so I’m rather uneducated about the game’s mechanics. Not as much anymore now though, thanks to the helpful replies from people here! I left my signs up about my neighbor checking their plots & will keep my location scaled back (I removed one whole line to be sure) & MV’s advice really helped me feel better with the guild protection.