Solved pls close n delete

someone got this bug too questmark
send u a gamelog…

Yeah, I got forged (same type items) mixed stacks like other crafting machines would do.
I think forge did output on earlier versions to empty slot in forge.

I’m not sure I understand the forum topic. What’s the exact issue?

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normaly (if u forged 5er stags hammers) u got one by one stags… (5er stags)
now i have 8 times 9er stags and 1 single hammer in mixed stags in my forgery output… thats not normal

like this

u understand now?

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Oh i see:

If you forge 5 hammers, they come out as one SmartStack with the 5 hammers in it


you forge 5 more, with different forge outcomes, and they combine with the first stack? (instead of making a separate stack)


excactly… thx

I see. I’m sure @vdragon will answer, but as long as the quantities all-together match what you forged, it may be working as intended

Machine outputs seem to cram as many things into as little amount of space as possible to keep the output from getting full (which stops the machine)

its kinda the same way as put in 40 black stones, and 40 white stones, a refinery will mix them into the same smartstack on output.


It probably works as intended now, but it didn’t work like that before the last update and I didn’t see anything in the patch notes, but there were a lot of changes so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was changed as well.

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hmpf… if its a intend effect, i like to have an option that allows mixed stags or forbidden mixed stags (would be nice to have this option on chests too)

There was something similar to this in the patch notes:

Improved inventory management when manually moving items around with smart stacks; more like the quick-move/shift-clicking of items, the inventory management will also merge with/into smart stacks as much as possible instead of just falling back to the “swap items” operation if cannot be fully merged.

Also, I believe there was a complaint about the opposite thing when they didn’t stack together. The forge would say “no room in output” even though it could have been stacking items.
I’d say this was the fix for that.

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maybe something official???
bug or no bug, thats the question…

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Looks like this is the same/related to these…

So they are aware of it, and it has been logged!

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It’s a bit different, in my case the machine wouldn’t stack stuff in to the output even though there was space. Here the forge previously didn’t stack any items from different batches, if you forged a single totem 8 times the output would be full. Now the totems would stack and there’d still be 7 free space left.

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Right, so you want smart stacks to be categorised by forge effects, even though it might leave you with less space as a result?


i only can speak 4 myself…

i like to have the old system back…
its ok 4 me to get less space in my output…
its better 4 me to fill the “waitline” without mixed stags in my output…

are our voices part of your decision(in this case) ???

if our voices makes a different, maybe @DKPuncherello like to start a survey 4 all forgers… in some better english than mine…


@vdragon im sorry 4 that post.
im sorry to make u some work…

pls close n delete

Oh I am quite in for the old version of 1 stack being 1 queue job… because currently it is a giant mess for me when I forge. Empty the queue or risk a headache trying to find each item that was forged with the exact same specs…

speaking of which… could the mouse-over tooltip get some information added to it ? =p feel like long ago that had info… but vanished at some stage… but guess my imagination playing in… but would be nice if a shorthand info on mouse over instead of having to right click every single one… I guess this was not so much a problem before when the output was in 1 dedicated stack to 1 queue job, but now… (argh)


after a a short brainstorm i like to say…

pls change it, cause:

for people who forged 9er stags, didnt change anything…

but 4 those people who forged 5 er stags, it changes everything…

so dont let us left behind pls…

and if “they” complaining about it, im sorry, theyve got enough time to say it out loud here…

and if u say us 4 the future, what u like to change,

weve got the chance to tell u about some unwanted side effects…

means less work 4 u guys… thats what im talking about “the feedback system” a few month ago…

if i didnt have a few hundret forged hammers in my storage, youve killed my main activity (mining and forging)

and i have to say, i dont think its cool 4 me…

so pls, think about this stuff before u change a small thing like this with a realy big effect to me and others…

i know your guys are realy busy, but i hope you change it asap :slight_smile:


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