[SOLVED] Question - Beacon Reclaim (coming back to the game after a long time away)

So, I just want to start off by saying I’m excited that most of my stuff made it into the beacon reclaim system in my beacon – but I have a question, since I’m not sure of what has happened, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help answer it for me:

So from what I remember back when I played, I had set up a beacon area for my shop and then I had a beacon for my main base area.

What I’m seeing is that the beacon I placed now, coming back to the game, has saved the items from my shop beacon. Will I still be able to reclaim the items from my base beacon as well? I took out everything from the reclaimed beacon from my shop area, and I placed down another beacon, but no option is given for my other base beacon.

I’ll keep fiddling with it for a bit, but I fear that all my major stuff is gone? Could anyone confirm or help me understand if I did something wrong? If I’ve lost all of my major things from my actual base beacon I’m debating on if I will stick around… I was a hoarder so, I had tools that other people made for me (by request), countless blocks that I was saving for building, machines, hek, I don’t even remember everything :frowning:
Anyway, I’ll stay hopeful, ty for anyone who takes the time to respond~ I realize it’s my fault for leaving the game for a long time, but life happens.

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Fully reclaim & store all of the items that are showing (you probably have several pages of items). When you’re finished, you’ll see the next one. And you can reclaim the items from that beacon. And so on. The system does one reclaim at a time.

You can do all your reclaims from a single beacon, if you prefer. You don’t have to place a new one to open a reclaim. I personally have had issues with using new beacons (less than 24 hours old).

Were your old shop and home beacons placed by the same character?


I did exactly as you said, ended up filling quite a few storage chests worth of rocks that I was selling in my shop at the time.

Nothing else showed up. I wonder if I did use another character, I’m testing that now, I’ll need a few minutes to craft a crafting table to make a beacon on that other character. Thank you for the response :slight_smile:


That was exactly the problem, my other character seems to have the reclaim on it from my main base.

Thank you so much for your help!!


I’m glad you got your items :blush:


:weary: I empty’s beacon reclaim for nothing and now stuck with all that mess.

:wink:srr had to. Small tip if you have 2 characters (or more) and each has 1 “reclaimed” beacon they both can the have one reclaim open.
Reclaim isn’t account bound but character.

(It will be useful to have No reclaim at the end so you can open one when you need to again)

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