(Solved) Soooooo creative portals

We have a creative thing on a creative world.

There are two creative bridges to it, one from Brown Town and one from DK mall. For me, both portals take me back to Brown Town, for @spoodle they are both taking him to DK Mall…?


Or have we derped something?

It returns you to wherever you left the survival universe first to get to creative

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Yah, DK explained it. I got it now. Makes sense.

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Yeah, they don’t work like survival portals do.

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Creative portals always return you to the first place opened : ) jiivita’s video for the test release covers the point pretty well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wryq0H-0S_I

Edit: annnnnd solved while I replied, lol. I’m slow :sob:

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Don’t be too hard on yourself. It was essentially solved 10 seconds after I posted. Haha.

I jumped the gun.


I commented in the update thread before but it probably helps if people refer to the bridges as bridges. They’re built with bridge conduits and take bridge tokens, and they don’t act like portals overall.

It’s a minor point but it might help people to understand they’re going to work differently when they’re introduced to them.



I called them bridges… I just didnt use my big brain to work it out.


The portal color should be different

Purple or something


It wasn’t meant as a personal comment at all.

I had already noticed earlier that people were calling them ‘creative portals’ and clarified. Someone said “it’s easier to just use the same word” and that’s maybe true, but they don’t work the same.


They should have gone with my nap idea
It’s actually clearer that way IMO

Take a nap, wake up in the same spot.


Oh no, I meant it as in I automatically called them that knowing they wouldnt act like portals but then wondering why they’re not acting like portals…

Big brain.