Some Exo Blocks NOW 1c or bulk for less


Hi I’ve made one trip gotsome rocks and sand to drop off.

I put some shop stands next to my biitula portal with the natural blocks in them if anyone wants them right now they’re priced at 3c on Raxxa in my shop Sunken Storage.

Biitula portal:

Turn left once you’re in the shop

At the moment there are 78 light yellow gravel, 149 stark turquoise sand, and 9474 rocks.

Rocks are vivid lime, stale moss, and warm moss.


More stones and stuff.

I added 8 rift to a stand for 1k each - if you want a starter piece. That website says there’s baskets for 500c, but so far I only got about 130 on half of a normal t6 style hammer. I’m not willing to sell that cheap.

The 8 are here at 1k for people that want atlas starters, since it costs 3400c to teleport there it shouldn’t be too bad.

Exo item prices?

Changing these blocks to 1c/block. I finished getting my mass craft of rift and brought home 28059 rock, 511 sand, and 222 gravel.

20k if you buy it all from me I’m idling in the shop for now.