Some flips if you are bored or going broke

Playing around with some data, figured I’d dump it here as I dont plan on flipping while the data is accurate.

Go nuts.

Edit: Well I ran the numbers again and well… good job cleaning up that mess. I have the updated info, but I’m not going to spam the forum with data dumps.

There is a guild in the works (Relentless) that specifically focuses on the economy game. If you enjoy that, you should bring your ideas to the discord.


I make a lot of jokes in chat about always ending up 2000+ meters from the shop I want.

Seriously though?

Dzassak XXL planet :confused:

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Every time, lol. I swear PS hub is everywhere I dont need to be. So… True.

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3272 @ 13.00 tho… thats a good run

Yeah I’m not flipping anything, but I’m running down a few of these deals.

Cheap enough to buy items I don’t even need.

Even better! Whatever gets people trading works for me. :slight_smile:

Well that explains why my inky leaf basket kept being filled so often :smiley:

Thankfully I already lowered it yesterday!

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Also the event helps with the prices going down

Haha, found I see a number of my baskets at the top of lists for buying prices. Hopefully that means a bunch will be filled by the time I get home from work

I kinda assumed that was the actual reason tho, might be both now tho!

I filled you bitter,spicy,oort baskets. Might have been one other too. But I used all of my own stock instead of putting them on shop stands. Well mine they oort. I sold that out of the kindness of my heart. Well more I need to recoup coin from buying ash sand and gleam :joy:

Haha, your kindness is much appreciated. I had that coin sitting in the oortstone basket for a few weeks now and was surprised no one had sold to me at that price. Perfect timing too, I was on the verge of having to actually go searching for shopstands at a fair price, lol.

Lol, this exo and the Halloween event has done wonders at stimulating the economy. I know I’ve spent a small fortune buying orbs as I’ve been busy working since the 2nd day of the event and have hardly been able to get online.

Nightstar - what needed is a secondary search - find any portals for to specific sellers base and how far each of those portals are from your present location. Then you could navigate to one of those.

it would not be perfect but would really help with the outliers.

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Dzassak feels bigger, but at least my portal is in that shot.


Happy to see some people finding their way to the Relentless Discord ->

If this will bait you… the next dump in an hour will be all machines and Oort :money_mouth_face:

THIS is exactly why iLLumiNaughty is designed the way it is. There is the mall, and adjacent to it is the town. In town there are a lot of great stores, as well as a Village where people have small one plot kiosks (they design and own). There are also portals where other shops in Trior can link to the city, which gives shoppers an easier way to find them. :blush: