Some Help needed for Colors


I’m sure a few people can help.
Maybe you’ve already mixed these color combinations yourself, might need some help here.

Need the following colors as a color combination, or spray (50 pcs/each color) or as a goo.

Useful here would be a tool that sets the desired color and displays the possible combinations that are possible.

There are pages where you can set colors, but the search is just the other way around.

Or maybe some Help to Complete the Colormix here…

ID: Color: Color combination:
248 Shadow Blue
236 Strong Blue
237 Strong Cobalt
234 Deep Cobalt
208 Vivid Cobalt
3 Shadow Cerulean
58 Deep Serulean
210 Cerulean
209 Vivid Cerulean
157 Bright Cerulean
211 Azure
205 Vivid Azure
155 Bright Azure
156 Stark Azure
56 Deep Slate
154 Bright Slate
179 Luminous Slate
55 Deep Turquoise
213 Turquoise
202 Vivid Turquoise
153 Bright Turquoise
201 Luminous Turquoise
88 Teal
214 Vivid Teal
242 Strong Viridian
244 Deep Viridian
89 Viridian
148 Bright Viridian
216 Vivid Viridian
200 Luminous Viridian
197 Cold Viridian
90 Mint
217 Vivid Mint
109 Ashen Mint
37 Strong Green
36 Deep Green
91 Green
218 Vivid Green
146 Bright Green
194 Luminous Green
193 Luminous Moss
220 Vivid Lime
44 Shadow Yellow
40 Stark Yellow
34 Deep Yellow
93 Yellow Black 1 and Luminous Yellow 255 = Yellow 93
255 Luminous Yellow
94 Tan
142 Bright Tan
41 Strong Mustard
31 Deep Mustard
95 Mustard
222 Vivid Mustard
141 Bright Mustard
140 Bright Taupe
96 Sepia
21 Shadow Orange
253 Deep Orange
97 Orange
98 Vivid Orange
22 Shadow Red
23 Strong Red
24 Deep Red
78 Red
172 Bright Red
77 Cherry
170 Vivid Cherry
75 Rose
17 Shadow Fuchsia
11 Strong Fuchsia
74 Fuchsia
73 Warm Magenta
166 Light Berry
9 Strong Violett
68 Deep Violett
125 Violett
126 Vivid Violett
67 Deep Lilac
124 Lilac
163 Bright Lilac
66 Deep Lavender
123 Lavender
128 Vivid Lavender

thx for Help ; )

Helmut (Tarah)

have you checked the different paint stores?
I can do a custom order for all of these. But maybe one of the other shops has all those already in sprays

This color mixer does require you to know which colors you need, as you mentioned:


Thx for reply and Help.

Bought almost all Colors after several Hours of searching…

now only one Color is missing - Strong Viridian (242)

And my Coins are gone ; )



I can give you the strong Viridian sprays. Where can we meet?

thx for answer… need 18 Sprays


and Thanks for the Sprays…

now my Color Storage is complete ; )

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sorry i saw this quite late :sweat_smile: you can always visit me on painters for more sprays, i dont charge for small amounts also didnt refill the store this month yet so most is yet to be crafted , or msg me on discord Larky#4389 :wink: