Some Hunting Questions

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After participating on some Hunts and most of the Time laying Dead on the Ground i need a dedicatet Hunter and i have some Questions.

Which Food/Brews do you take with you ?
Is it worth to forge some Buff Bombs ? or do they override the Food/Brew Buffs ?
Whats yor favorite Build for Hunts, in a Group and Solo ?
Im aming at the following Build:

Any Suggestions ?

p.s. Sorry for my English, im from Germany :slight_smile:

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Bomb buffs won’t effect any other buffs you have (I’m pretty certain?)

I personally use invigorating pie (doubles your health)

And then either a strength brew or fast brew. But often I don’t bother with brews because i use Starberry smoothies for an instant heal, this replaces any brew buff.

You can get reviver brews, that can be applied along side another brew buff, so you won’t have to wait to be revived.

Ooooo I may have to start making those smoothies :grin:

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I use invigorating pie also.
I also use a strength brew, and run a hybrid build.

What are you dieing from? and what planet tier are you looking at hunting on?
There are tips and tricks to some. Make sure you hang from something, thatll stop the knockback from wildstock killing you from fall damage against a tree or hill. (used to be what i died from)

Make sure youre using the right gem slingbow for the planet/creatures youre fighting.

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Im cheap. I dont use any special food/brews. I don’t really need it for T6 and below. I use healing bombs to restore any lost hp but usually group hunts have dedicated healers so I don’t need to use them. Well forged bows and all my points to max dmg as much as possible.

If I had to choose food I would probably go with either shielding food or criticaling food, brews whatever heals instant or speed brew to fire faster. Maybe even strength brew. Depends on how your bow is forged really.

Healing bombs definitly are a cost saver in the long run over healing brews, definitely recommend. Even iron healing bombs are enough.

Personally I use persisting pies in order to make my equipment last longer, which is important when using blink tools, but otherwise id recommend invigorating pie for double HP.

Also recommend strength brew over fast brew because it makes tools and augments last longer by using less shots up. Speaking of augments, damage 3 helps a ton when killing creatures faster.

Another key thing, if you drink reviver brews you can self revive without gaining death penality, and it also stacks with other brew buffs.


My hunter is maxed out I went for the fast shoot route.

For group hunts if going to a t4 planet I go with critical pies and speed/strength brews depending on the bow if its a fast bow I go str if its slow I go with speed and for augments I always go with strength.
Extra items are reviver brew so I don’t wait for some one else to revive (You drink it before you die it does not erases other brew buffs), instant health brew, some cooked meat to refil energy and not erasing my pie.

For groups going to t5 or t6 I change the critical pie for invigorating and try to get a multiple bullet bow.

I only use health + cleanse bombs and regular bombs to make holes under the spawn portals

This is my build

If you go solo, stay on t4 planets its easier, remember to always loot the meteor, dont make holes too big you dont want to get trapped there, always follow the hunt leader instructions and have fun!

I absolutely carry a set of BOMBS. Healing, Fast, Strength, Armor. I use them in that order too. I’ll splash a healing bomb on myself for full health about 10-20 times a meteor(200 Dur) And change between strength and speed during the bulk of the fight. I don’t really use armor much, but I keep it on me because a smartstack takes the same inventory space as one bomb. And I always carry Reviver brew.

CHEAP BOMBS (250c) @ Q-MART (TNT Hub - “Storis II”)

Yes, bombs and
brews and
can all have effect at the same time, But you cannot have two of the same of any of them.

(1.25c per full health)

Bows can really provide a major advantage with the right forge. Shotgun, Gatling gun, Sniper :wink:

Thanks for the tips.
Looks like i have to do a little Cooking/Forging session

I really like invigorating pies with a tank build. Rage brews, aggravating brews, instant heals, and revive brews.
A lot of people will disagree or say that they aren’t worth it but I really like having good quirks to supplement too. They make a big difference for me on higher tier planets.
Edit: ooh, and armor 3 boon on offhand


I usually only buy max speed & max strength brews. I like to one-hit stuff during meteor hunts. Like the others have mentioned, there is usually at least one person tossing healing bombs, so I don’t bring anything for health.

I think ill try a Tanky Build because i like to Solo some Meteors. I also have a bad aim so it take me some time to get all the Mobs down :smiley:

One thing i dont get, is that People take Kinetik Armor with also having the Health Epic + Vitality and the 12000 Hit Points. That 150 Damage saved from the Armor dont make Sense to me. Do i miss something on that ?

That 150 means that almost nothing on a t4 and down can really hurt you, it’s great for solo’ing low world level meteors.

You are right though as you go to higher worlds that amount becomes irrelevant. If you have a high hp pool and can stand to take a few hits, the resistances become much more effective.

In fact, according to the math, 50% resistance is better than 150 armor as soon as the average damage of mobs you’re facing is more than 300 per shot. Because science :nerd_face:

But the Profil says that 5 Skill points in Resistence gives you only 25 %

I usually use starberry pies to maintain my energy so I can keep firing without tiring, reviver brews, and I have mega instant healing brews for a quick replenish and healing bombs to heal as required, when not in danger.

Excluding reviver brews, you can double a revive brew up with another brew buff im pretty sure

Yeah I’m not at my computer, so i made some dodgy claims up there!!

Correction; 25% resistance still beats 150 armour if hits are more than 600hp average… Thanks for correcting my oversight! :+1:

But is it worth 5 Skill Points ?

That depends on how many hits you plan to take… it gives you more staying power, being able to take 20% more hits (5 instead of 4). If your setup is based on tanking, it might be worth considering, especially if you add something like shielding pie and/or armour bombs you can stand around a lot longer.

Personally I prefer to dodge incoming shots where possible by rather having a good run speed (especially useful for cuttletrunk carpet bombing because my grapple aim is atrocious) but in the end the “value” of skill points depends on the user. It’s the same as the light epic debate for miners; there are ways around it but depends on what you’d rather do with those points.