Some improvements for permissions


There are a couple things that the permissions system could use that would really improve it.

First off, if you have tried crafting in a group you may have encountered this one related to repair machines. At present you need worker permissions to repair a machine, but you need engineer permissions to see the health of the machine. Of course it is dangerous to give someone engineer permissions because they could steal the machine/coils. It should be that workers can see the health of the machine.

The second suggestion I have is related to public services. You may have encountered this if you go to a gym or another place where you put your stuff in a lockbox. You bring a lock to put on the locker. (Or there might be a removable key on the locker). Anyway, you have restricted access to the locker to other gym goers. But it the gym wanted to they could cut the lock off(and they do when people forget). The point is that you trust the gym, but do not need to trust the other members. You may have also encountered this in certain dangerous jobs. For instance if a machine is broken, the machinist who repairs it may put a lock on the machine which prevents someone from turning the machine on. Then they can safely put their head or hands inside the machine to repair it.

In game it could work like this: person A owns the beacon that offers a public service like trading, or it could be a business where people need to drop off items. Person A leaves lockers which have a restrictive lock. Person B and C both use the service and have permissions in the beacon. Person B comes to drop something off and after putting things in the locker, they lock it. Now person B and person A, the beacon owner are the only two who can access it. Person C cannot.

What do you think of these suggestions? Do you have other suggestions for the permissions system?


Advanced locks allows some of this. I do it in a guild aligned beacon with an advanced lock.

I have made suggestions about having another asset created called a lock box that allows some of these features and is not tied to a beacon. Or even taking the post office box and allowing some type of storage for drop off.

I’ve also asked about revamp of permissions to be more granular… but that would take lots of work.


Advanced locks work like this if the beacon owner sets the permissions so that person B can use it and person C cannot. But this requires more forethought and for person A and B to be friends. For a service offered to the public you would want anyone to be able to use it. There is no way for person B to change the permissions on the lock without giving them engineer permissions in the beacon or making them an executive on a guild controlled beacon.


yeah there are some limitations for sure. I just try to make it easy… guild then a set of storage where an advanced lock is linked to only those 2 trading with access perms. I don’t use the guild root perms for this. It is a bit more work but if people are in the guild at least you don’t need to friend everyone. Plus as long as the beacon is only guild aligned you don’t have guild perms getting in the way either.


Workers should be able to see the health though, absolutely.