Some shot from latest test-world


Seriously considering becoming a Master but have a few questions

Great use of 3d terrain!


This looks amazing! I love the spiral peak.


Last one looks like Alf, from the old tv-serie, sitting and waiving…

Looks like the server cant render worlds bigger then 1k…
And missing high grass (it maybe grow if i sit down and wait…). :slight_smile:


A few more. Have added some gleams at high altitudes, cavesystem, ores (only coal atm.) and a few more stratas (underground layers).



You’re a pro. Sorry, better than the pros!


Thanks. I love to play around, have used fractal worldbuilders for art since old amiga time.


Why is everyone so good at this and im never getting better i litterally just drag sliders till it looks good


So do i :slight_smile:


You need to realize that no one really know what they are doing they just put stuff together and pray. :wink:


I found the predator!


Halp I am being bullied again


Another strange single biome.


Nice! Feels quite alien! How’ you pull off those pillars?


Its trees.1 width, 1 high, lamp as leaves and stone for steams.


Ha! Nice way to do that


Wow that’s awesome! Feels like ruins or relics of some sort.


I wanna see more pictures of that biomes thats too amazing


nice pictures


This is super cool. I’m really keen to make sure that the Boundless library of biomes includes a wide spectrum from Earth like natural biomes, to otherworldly alien biomes. This is one of the first biomes that I’ve been that really feels non-natural and otherworldly. Great job. Would love to see more pushed in this direction.