Some shot from latest test-world


Is this gonna be a world?


No, i dont think so, mostly playing around now and testing things.
Waiting for the new version to arrive from the islands.

Got this one from testing with the first world.


Damn that looks good.


Thx, but i get some problems with materials leaking into nearby biome, cant get the transition as sharp as i want.

But its maybe some fiddling with the distribute-map, and a cup of coffee.
Maybe a bigger water/flat biome around city to isolate them.


Drop the biome size as low as possible (8 blocks, I think?), but they’ll always blend a bit :frowning:


Yes, should need a threshold-filter. :slight_smile:
(I put it on wishlist.)


Strange place.

With another noise.


Can i see that ingame?


Clean, nothing added.

Added 3D that interact and create a lot of waterfalls.


it looks very… citylike.


First test with new WB, sub-biomes. Only high-maps (and some fluffy 3D).


Incredible! Just wow.


those hills looks like some alien tentacles! really cool!


Whole biomess, with some more sub-biomes.

Found a trumpeting elephant…


That looks excellent.


Still learning, just scratched on the new stuff.


holy ■■■■, that looks awesome. Now I’m really curious what else is possible with the worldbuilder^^


is the pillow biome (bottom right) using the new wave noise in square mode? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes :slight_smile:
Still to blocky and hilly though… See what other goodies i found to play with.


Altitude-filter with the new wave-node. It fade away at higher altitude.
Could let another biome be fade in at higher alts to.

The other way around, getting a cave world.

Mixed them…The hole in the green areas lead to cave world.

Inside. Water off.