Some shot from latest test-world


That is super super cool!!


That biome in the first pic is so dam awesome you should save it


Have you been able to get those “city” buildings hollowed out at all? Curious if you’d be able to make one underwater and get air pocketed spots.


I do not think it is possible to create air spots underwater now, with a fixed sea-level plane where every no-hard block under the surface is filled with waterblocks, but maybe when the new lake/river mode arrives.

At the moment the only underground system that not fills with water is the cave-system, could probably use that to create underwater-system, and with right noise make some good worlds.

Interesting idea, i see if i can test it.

No, they are not hollowed out. Its only high-maps so they solid.
Its up to they who wants to dig out their own flat.


Can you give me a download to that world it looks so good and i really wanna play in it


Single sub-biome with new substrate altitude-settings.
Mixed with some strata.


I do not think i saved that world.
Was experimenting with new sub-biomes, put together some old biome with new ones and took some pictures.

I probably got the sub-biome, and they was merged together with a remapped perlin noise, if i remember right, but most of them are saved as test001, test002… and so on. Probably take some time to find them and recreate it.


Atleast you know how to recreate it


A high-map with waterways, using the new min filter.
Max filter to add in the spikes.

The biome file, after some cleaning…


Loving that biome, looks a bit like a safari to me :smiley:


dude you should work for wonderstruck and make world for em


Bruh… Just got the World Builder for myself now! And its really hard to understand… Good job!


Its pretty easy once you start to get the hang of things. Would help if there was a guide though


I mean… Squidgy has a pretty solid tutorial series, but it only covers the old version of the World Builder :sweat_smile:


I was going to make a new tutorial series, but I need more time myself to even understand the new world builder.


Some of the latest sub-biome mixed to a biome, because its raining…


I think that everytime somebody creates a world, it would really help to have the world builder file. As one of the better world builders, we need your files :wink:


The problem is its still a testing-ground, with a lot of test-nodes lying around in the layout that have minimal or no impact at the actual rendering.

It will probably look very confusing for others if its not cleaning up and reorganized.


Another basic biome_part (highmap), with settings.



Cool. They look like billowing smoke columns!