Some shot from latest test-world


Or petrified eruptions a windy day.



I think this would look even cooler if the grid pattern was restricted to the grey areas though probably harder to work into the generator.


Yes, its hard to prevent it from leaking.
I will make a big coffe later and try.


Basically my only wishlist for the new worldbuild right now: Configurable sub-biome border sharpness.


Oh, i have a long list…


I would probably too, if that specefic thing didn’t murder all my best biome ideas.


Some of the issues regarding that (other than it really not being achievable the way biome selection and blending works as it stands), is that I very much doubt you’d actually want the entire sub-biome transition to be sharp, or else terrain just starts to look silly, i very much think that you actually want different transitions for different biome properties, like smooth transition on heightmap, but sharp transition on substrate, or sharp transition on heightmap, but smooth transitition on substrate etc.

I’m not ruling it out, it just needs much more thought on achieving it practically in a useful way.


If we try to make some sort of man-made structure, it will need a sharper transitation i think, so the buildings not leak into surrounding.

I probably can do something like it with a flat sub-biome surrounding the sub-biome i want to isolate, with the sub-biome blending-settings.

To be able to have different blending for different properties sounds like a much better way to go.




it would look kinda cool if those triangles were ice like a shattered ice sea


Lots of square-waves with min/max-filter.


Once again you overtopped us all


Imho you’re trying too hard with the man made thing in this one :confused: it just looks really messy

But that’s just my opinion


I am not trying anything, just playing around…
Its all tests, and when final WB arrives we can start to try to build something.

With no man-made block in WB yet, it look bad in game to…



First try with exposed controls.

Are there a way to rename controller in reference node? Now it get its name from the node, and i have to rename node if i want more then 1 controller exposed.

And is it possible to link more then 1 controller to a reference-controller?

Some testshot with an old biomepart:


Thats a nice swamp there


Only just seen this and wow there are some impressive biomes here! We would love to take a closer look to possibly include them in some of our worlds. @Heureka could you email the jsons to me? Email:


Witch one?