Some shot from latest test-world


Awesome :smiley: (It looks like they have spoiled though hehe :stuck_out_tongue: )


So awesome, I love worlds like that, I really like huge bits of flat land to build on - and then something interesting to explore, either above or below ground :slight_smile:


Wonder When wonderstruck will hire you


I stared at this comment for a while trying to figure out what you meant by that, then I realized you simply misspelled “hire” :laughing:

Funny how one little letter can change an entire sentence!


Playing with squares.


Ruined it…


The last time I played with world creator was over a year ago and it changed so much I’m half lost on how to do resources or trees and such.
For starters I just created a simple biome I called gleamtowers as the picks of the mountains are finished with gleam and all looks like city skyscrapers.

Didn’t manage to load onto the created biome as I was getting error 6 - will try later.


well apple has this thing called autocorrect thank them


Very inspiring! I bought the upgrade yesterday and have been finding out a lot about the program by opening pre-made biomes and see how they were created. Some questions (if you have time).

  • How did you make the spiraling structures? This would require some kind of 3d-heatmap instead of a 2d one no?
  • I saw you mentioned that it’s good to make the biome size 8 blocks so that you get sharp transitions. How does this interact with the placement maps? Let’s say I have a biome that has an altitude of 200, and I have a altitude map that’s only 200. Would there be a difference whether I put biome size at 8 blocks or 32 for example?

Hope my questions are clear.

Thanks a lot!



  1. The spirals are made by using a 3D-blob map (worley) as a distort-map with low frquency, could probably use a wave-map to for some interesting screw-pattern.

  2. Test :slight_smile:
    The biome-blending was to change, i do not have time to check it out…

Good luck.


The biome size affects the distance that biomes blend over - but if the (final) height is the same between the two biomes, there’s no gradient


Thanks! Played a lot with it today, and finally managed to place some decoration and make floating islands.

One thing though…it seems that some blocks have an inherent hierarchy. For example, I can’t for the life of me get gravel on top of ice (except if I put ice in caves). Ice will always be put on top of gravel in the surface. Is there a way to change that?


Don’t believe so :frowning:


You can use ice as a strata and place it at any altitude you want, and make it as thick you need. Remember to replace both stone and gravel if you want a compact layer.


Thanks once again!

I’m starting to get a hang of this software. I’M A GOD NOW!


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