Some Suggestions and Questions

I’m really really enjoying Oort , especially the camera in third person, because I can see my character in action.
Good job!

First questions :

1- There is some form of storage , such as chests in the game?
If so, what is the recipe ?

2- In the future, we will have a better way to claim a place, using a system within the game ? without coming here on the forum asking for it?

Now some suggestions :

1- How about to call attention more backers ?
Just make a new trailer .
Showing the news of the last update, characters, monsters , etc …
More backers , the faster the development of the game !
A very epic song would be good to draw attention .

2- If the game is a MMORPG , it would be natural to have a shop to sell cosmetic items , such as outfits , props , furnitures , etc …
See the example of H1Z1 of Daybreak games and Everquest Landmark.
It is early access but already has outfits to sell.
Thus increases the crowfunding .


Not yet, but the devs mentioned that a storage system will come soon.
Same goes for your second question: We will get an ingame space claiming system (beacons).
Here´s what @ben wrote about those features when he announced the features of the update 112.

They mentioned that they will make a new trailer in the future once more contend is live.

I think @Squidgy takes pretty good care about this. You should check out his YouTube videos.

The option to buy cosmetic stuff with real money is/was already a highly discussed topic:

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Not yet

yeah the beacons you get now will be something players can place, so if you want to claim a piece of land you can craft a beacon and cliam it.

discussed all over the place, eventually the answer from the devs is ‘‘in time people will come, when we make a better game more people will buy it’’

cash shop have been discussed, i for one am for it.

Damn vas, beat me by a few sec.

Very false. I mean you could hire more people but progress will get to a maxium eventually.
And more devs working at the game doesn’t mean better stuff for us.

Yep, it´s like saying 9 women can deliver a baby in 1 month :smile:


very disturbing but strangely fitting analogy xD