Someone making a star chart? Need Help? I made a crude graph

@Stretchious Hey I found your name on feel free to use this list to update your worlds tab if you want :slight_smile: A lot of credit goes to @Zerus and @SilentSpecter who are the ones that used up resources to make the totem ammunition upgrades


Nice job guys! I’ll get them added to the site later today!

If anyone has more to add, please do!

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I made a quick graph of planets, I’m pretty sure of the connections but not 100%, if anything probably about 85%ish sure, if someone could disprove any of these connections please tell me ^^

OH, and if someone gets to the moon planets of Australia or US West before we do I’d appreciate it if you would post their names


Wow… Did not know that there were this many worlds in the game right now. :hushed:


Upgraded Star Chart


@Stretchious forgot to tag you so you could add the US West Moon Planet to your website, it’s name is Elopor


Thank you for this

Thanks @Tacusin - updated the site with the names and the visible planets from each - just missing the name of the Australian moon now!

I’m currently working on creating the ammo to get to the Australian moon. Hopefully will have it crafted soon.


Finally fully mapped the planets, had two spelling errors(Solum and Vena V) and was wrong about the connection between Europe and Australia


Quick question, do these red ring planets rotate around the yellow base world? if so does that mean I player as to wait until the red ring planets are lined up in a way for you to warp to another ring planet?

Look that @Basileusus made!

Could anybody make a star map like below?

And we are need in warp map with actual planet pictures. @hranica going to make it for my request .


Id started on something like that a while ago… it’s still something I would like to add to my site, but I need to think of a more programtic way to achieve new worlds being added etc

This still has some of the old world names on it…


no not exactly, when you’re on a ring planet, if you look straight up you’ll see the other ring planets your planet can warp to

i think there is something wrong. im on therka and there i can see 3 planets

Vulpto Munteen and septerfon

so the us East solarsystem must be very near to EU Central.

and on Solumn could see Berlyn but im not sure about that

The Crown of the :boundless:oundless

I made new one warp map. Thanks to @Stretchious for images from boundlesscrafting, to @Destian for screenshot of night sky, to @Basileusus for inspiration and to @Tacusin for the first try.


Making moving planets on scratch
tried to make the gliding smooth

Any ideas?

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Hey there, can we post this image on our FB and Instagram? Looks very cool.


Sorry for late answer.
Oh, yes, of course you can! I’ll be very happy, if you do it. It’s made by your beautiful game and I don’t see any reason to stop you.

I had already post it on (russian Facebook) and on too :innocent:

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Here isn’t a concrete solar and planetary systems. It’s very sadly, but planets in the sky is only illusion of a moon, not a real moon.