Something extremely wrong with Oort

There is something really wrong with Oort because it has become unplayable for me as the light keeps flickering and the water keeps placing its self in random places

Any help to fix this would be very helpful! :smile:
Thanks for reading


Need more details. Can you elaborate? What are you doing when the water places itself in random places? When are the lights flickering?

absolutely nothing every time i log in it just does it

is that water on top of slab blocks?

that is… :smile:

I tried to recreate the problem. Slabs don’t seem to like water that much

I suggest staying away from slabbed aqueducts for now.

As for the rest of the problems in your image. What’s happening on the right side of it? (the dock)


Definitely something for @dave to take a look at.

Ah, I’ve managed to get this bug to happen now. If you remove the air gap under the slabs it should stop happening.

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Ok I have a fix which will go in the next release.