Soundtrack - release and quality (lossy and / or lossless ?)


as mentioned by @james in the 1.0 release post, the official soundtrack will be released as well.
So as someone who loves audiophile music, I would like to ask, if you can give us access to lossless audio files, to listen best possible quality :slight_smile:

I think the priority of the release may be lower than the game release, but if you publish the tracks, can you may remember this point? This would be amazing, thank you!


we get them soon after the 13th

That was not my intention :wink: I just wanted to show, that some people are interested in lossless format instead of lossy compressed mp3 :smiley:


ahh no ide what that is xD

Lossy means you lose information while converting. Mp3 has less information than the original (wave file), while AAC encoded files (like Apple M4a) has more information (generally). But wave, flac, aiff are lossless means you get the original sound. Even if flac compresses the information, after decompressing the original is available.

I cannot explain this very well in English (via smartphone) , but you can read on the internet.


I want lossless. Even if it’s a minor increase in quality. I don’t care, I want it.

Yeah absolutely. My music archive is lossless as well for playing music as DJ.

Best would be 192 kHz Sampling Rate with at least 24 Bit Resolution to ensure more Clearity. But I think this were greedy :smiley:

I want it for YouTube cause it will get compressed down after the upload. There for I need the base files to be as high of quality as possible before hand.

EDIT: I mean YouTube will encode it. I forgot if there’s a difference but it doesn’t matter since YouTube kills a small amount of quality.

I think the original WAVs are about 10-12 GB.

Which lossless format do you prefer?

I think wave is fine, but if you want to compress it, FLAC could do a good job here.
Thank you James :slight_smile:


The release update brought us the soundtrack, but it is mp3 :confused:
Is there any chance to get lossless files as well, not directly via steam, if someone don’t want to download that much.

I hope there is a chance :slight_smile:

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I bought the deluxe version on ps4 and the soundtrack that came with it was not given to me while others who bought the deluxe version did get there soundtrack. How do I go about getting it?

Any news on this? I’d love to have a high quality FLAC download this as well, preferably with the same bit depth and sample rate as the WAV files.