Sovereign Portals to Raxxa

Hi guys if you don’t know I’m currently running the TNT minihub on Raxxa.

I’ve added some space on the second floor for off world portals. The main floor serves as the TNT Minihub for shoppers and builders on Raxxa, and there is room for several offworld portals just below.

The top floor features the TNT megahub, as well as local portals to:

  • Ultima’s Raxxa Hub
  • Portal Seekers Raxxa Hub
  • Guradian Raxxa Hub
  • Local shops, farms, and builds.

The area for offworld portals is accessible by a ramp:

Self-service tokens are currently available with 1x2 portals however I’ll customize for your needs if you want a portal to another perm or a sovereign that doesn’t orbit locally.

I can currently go to 4x4 without changing anything and I would be willing to move some stuff around for a friendly neighbor.

Feel free to post here or PM me if you need anything. I can also usually be reached via the TNT discord.