Sovereign World biomes

I’m hoping that the developers have something in mind as far as letting us pick biomes for our planets. Has anything been said about this yet? I’m kinda hoping we get to pick 5, 10, or even 20 different biomes for our planets. I believe it will help with creativity and even sell more rental planets.

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This is unlikely to happen in the first iteration of sovereign planets. But down the road it’s a very good possibility they’ll let us do that.

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I’m hoping so, I can only think of a few that I MUST have in order to really want a rental planet.

if they do so i guess some will be locked down to some planet tier.

I’ve been trying to keep an up-to-date list of questions and answers about sovereign worlds. This question is on the list.

Which is why I made this post showing the biomes categorized by tier. Hopefully though we can use higher tier biomes on lower tier profile worlds. I think the reverse would be too cheaty since higher tier worlds are supposed to be difficult to traverse and whatnot but I think self-imposed difficulty shouldn’t be a problem if it’s what people want to build with.


I just hope they let us, I think some are really awesome.

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I think its mostly for resource allocation, some biomes would make resource to not be here at all or over doing it.

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The ones I want a purely for looks and not resources

Unfortunately biomes have some control over resource generation. Not total, it seems the overall rules are a bit more complex.

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I want my own…


Well, hmm, surely there is a way to make it work

I think this is true but putting a tier 5 biome on a tier 3 planet is not going to spawn diamonds. The resources are driven by the tier. The biome just makes certain resources more likely if they are possible at all given the tier.


The link is a direct quote from Ross so I think we can assume it is true. Also yes, exactly. Which is why I think this would be neat:

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Like I said mine would be for looks only, I don’t see why I couldn’t have the “castle” biome on a tier one planet, I just want my planet to look cool, I really could care less about resources.


DISCLAIMER: half guessing here from my own understanding of how procedural world generation is applied and what can or cannot be implemented easily :wink:

Atm I suppose it’s a matter of scripts (I use this term in general way, not in some narrow programming meaning) used to generate worlds. It’s all build around idea how public worlds of each type look like, what resources they require etc. A lot of things are tied together to create planets fitting certain balance in terms of what they offer (so there is no situation where a chill world doesn’t have high enough ground to spawn sapphire for example).

I agree that some of us (including me), who want worlds for looks, don’t care if biomes restrict resources distribution and such.
Still, devs would need to create different scripts, or scenarios (sorry if my terminology is a bit off here, I ain’t no programmer) for the world builder, different than for public worlds (i.e. allowing all kinds of biomes anywhere). But then the ones who want a sovereign world for resources would be in trouble (like the chill world without high enough mountains for sapphire to spawn).

In other terms, there would be extra work to make world builder behave differently in terms of combining planets profiles with biomes, weather, creatures, resources and all that - and then the need to create GUI for players to allow that. Without GUI manual handling of each world request would mean diverting man power towards that, so whatever way we look at it, it’s most likely something for future than the first iteration of the feature.