Sovereign World Color Info

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about starting to do regular color scans and publishing my color scan data again. I’m curious what data and information you want to know about sovereign colors. Note that I only intend to look at/track data on planets that are easily accessible - meaning that they have active portals at major hubs.

Here’s what I want:

  • What colors exist on easily accessible worlds
  • What the lowest tier world an easily accessible color is on
  • Where and when easily accessible worlds were last seen
  • Where and when easily accessible colors were last seen

We don’t really need to talk about every permutation of that data, but if you have a specific use case for this kind of data, let me know and I’ll consider adding it to the plan for if I get to making this.



as someone who only harvests from Tier 1 worlds, I could certainly do with that kind of information

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main problem is - many sov worlds even those with gathering/beacon perm had no portals leading to, i found even few gleam colors not at farm at TNT gleam hub, i found them jumping to random sov using warp totem :slight_smile:

im not going to ask anyone to link theiiir sov with any world, shards are expensive, not all players got time to spend few hours or more daily at hunts

im happy they keep their worlds open for gathering and allowing to place campfire with chest to store what we get, farm abit more and reclaim it later at home :smiley:

warp to destination from sanctum from nearest world cost only 100 coins :slight_smile:

Might be interesting if plotting is allowed in case someone wants to stack up on specific colors by dropping them into a campfired chest.

Soils and mud And gravel using combustion to convert to sand and sands for farms making And wood and foliage for decoration to builds. and rocks for vary of stuff.