Sovereign World Question

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i need Help plz
I bought a Sovereign World , if i want to warp to my New World ,my Character have to pay 3500 C Fee .
Is there any other way to go there without paying Fee everytime i want to visit my Planet ? Can i open a Portal without a massive amount of Orb Fee?

warp from the planet it is orbiting for 100c

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Go find the sov planet’s parent planet and warp from there, it’ll be 100c with 1 blinksec. You can open a 1x2 portal after that.

Sov worlds orbit around a homeworld of the same tier and region, so say for example if you bought a T6 sov planet in the EU region, it would be orbiting either Cardass or Kol Huroo.

Thx for Help :slight_smile: