Spark and Wear Guild Buff (solved)

Is the spark and wear buff lvl 3 buggy at the moment ?

Ornate Metal Chest without buff 9350 Spark and with buff the same.

not that i know also made sure that the machines /beacon is aligned to that guild with the buff?

(just in case)

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i know something is wrong, i forget that :joy:

the beacon is in a other guild XD

can be closed, was my mistake

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The description is a bit misleading, as it does not mention that the beacon must be aligned for it to work.

I only says the buff applies ‘for members’, which suggests that it should apply as long as the character has the guild as main, regardless of where the machine is.

I have not tested, but I think the character has to have the guild as main and the beacon be aligned…

i know it, but so long ago that I forget it ^^

you dont need to test it thats how it works

a bit yes^^