Spark disappearing

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yesterday I had about 1.6 mil spark in one of my generators and decided to put about 100 compacted hard coal in the generators. I waited for it to convert into spark and today when I got back on I had 900k in my generator. I haven’t crafted anything because I have been mining and I want to know what happened to my 1.6 mil spark and my 100 pieces of hard coal. it’s very upsetting that I somehow lost that spark and my 100 pieces of hard coal.

Is there any additional information that you are able to provide? For example, what does your setup look like and what machines were connected?

I have 5 spark generators within build they are embedded in the floor in a corner and have shelves around them to the back and the right side. To the left I have a workbench with coils against the back wall next to the shelves and the machines hooked up to this specific generator are 1 mixer, 1 refinery 1 compactor and 1 extractor including the workbench all having coils above the number 15 but less than 20 I’m not to sure the exact amount but I can look when I get on next. each machine is in a corner except for the compactor which is to the left in the middle of the wall between the mixer and extractor. they are connected by spark links below the builds floor. The spark links are submerged within water since i built on top of a lake.

Can you provide a few screenshots to show what the setup looks like?

What all do you want screenshots of? The whole workshop? The under part where the spark links are? The generator itself? Or all of the above?

If you’re offering all of the above, then that could be helpful. Alternatively, you can provide the world and coordinates of the location so I can come and see if there’s anything unusual about the setup.

Sorry for the wait I had a few things to take care of in real life

Ah, so you did place some of the spark links underwater. I’ll create a similar setup and see if I end up getting anything similar to your issue. In the meantime, did you place the compact hard coal into just one of those spark generators or spread them around all the generators? In that second screenshot, I can see that one of the generators isn’t connected to anything.

I spread them out. There are five spots within the spark generator to burn fuel in. I set this up when I didn’t know that it only needs to be connected by one spark link to work. My other workshops are fine with just one connecting the generators so I don’t think that’s a problem. And this spark disappearing only occured once. I’m just worried it may happen again to be honest

If you’ve only seen it once, then it might be difficult to reproduce it. Also, I’ve noticed that the machines are owned by two different characters. Is the other character a different player, or it is one of your own characters?

Like this?


Yes that’s exactly how it was put in

And the two character names owning the different machines?

Oh do you mean when it says ‘owned by Annalise (online ID: Ladybird1864)’? Because that’s only what I see and the name in parentheses is my PS4 ID since I play on there with these characters. It’s only owned by Annalise my in game character name

Yep, there are a few machines with that name. There’s also an extractor that’s owned by Elisia in the same area. Is that one of your other characters?

Elisa is one of my other characters and she only owns the extractor because it overlapped with the tavern which she owns on whole. Other than that the rest of the machines and the generators are owned by Annalise.

Thanks for the answer. I haven’t been able to reproduce this so far, although as you mentioned before, you’ve only seen it occur once up to this point.

yes of course. I kind of figured since it only happened once that it may be unable to be fixed. But I do thank you for taking the time to address this issue and try to fix it. I guess if it happens again I will let you or one of the other devs know but as of right now there doesn’t seem to be much anyone can do. Thank you again for trying to help though!

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