Spark Generator,Spark Limit? 8 Million spark disappeared as well

I thought 1.6mil as some dev mentioned in a post awhile back.

Is it 16mil per? or 1.6mil?

I had never known there was a limit per generator. So this came as a surprise to me. Especially since I had one generator with almost 4 million in it and trained it to my neighbor as a gift. So the 1.6 million limit per generator does not sound correct.

I dev said that about 3-4 months ago in a comment, He may have been off. 2^24 = 16,777,*** So 16 mil.

But it is stored in the gen as a %. Breaking said gen loses that %.

Except you can place generators in a chain to move it to a different location in your building

Exactly I have done it before several times and never have had this happen.

The limit is for the entire group of generators, not individual generators; and spark is not stored per-generator but as a single value for the whole group.

When breaking a generator, no spark should be lost unless you fully break the entire group, it will be distributed to the remaining cores.

The max being for the whole group, does mean that it would be possible to have 2 generators with 16 mil spark… and if you add another generator joining them into a group, then you woudl still have 16 mil spark and not 32 mil.

We should probably change the limit to scale with the number of generators to remove that edge case of losign spark when merging generators that are full/near-full; however, that would then just add the “other” case of breaking spark cores allowing you to lose spark because it no longer fits in the smaller group… so its not “ideal” eitherway…

My ideal solution here I think, is making the limit scale with the number of generators, and when you break a generator, it drops a “spark” item for any spark that may be lost if the spark amount cannot fit in what generators remain… but that adds a whole new meta to the game that we may not want, since there would now be “spark” items that could be sold and traded… and we may not want that from a design perspective.

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I have 3.4 million in a generator in my house that was snaked across the street and up stairs. If that’s the case it should only be 1.6 mil. Didn’t lose any from basement of another players basement to mine 2nd floor. Technically if understanding right it should of lost spark every time broke a generator in the chain

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If it’s stored per group why would you lose spark if you remove “part” of that group? It’s still a group on generators

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Also agreed.

It makes sense for more generators to hold more spark, and also makes sense for taking some of those generators away to lose that spark (if over the new limit.)

EDIT: This is one of those times where simpler is better.

This is a different explanation then we seen last time. This system works better then the other also. I seen a lot of people repeat exactly what i just mentioned. Ill have to look up that post, cant remember who said it though.

If the max per generator was 16mil. Then ratchel should have never lost any spark since they had 9 and dropped it to 6.


He was saying the max is 16mil, regardless of the number of generators.

It’s was actually 9 generators then added 3 more and then removed the 3 so still had 9 generators when I lost the total 8 million spark

YES!!! Shouldn’t of lost any sense we lost none in a single generator of 3.4 mil moving from his basement to my second floor. Still have the 3.4 he left on his step. But he lost 7-10 million just breaking is own group? Didn’t happen when broke his group in his basement

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Still makes no sense to lose any if that’s the case tho. And also there was more than 16mil at the start

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So 16 million should fit in one genny? Size don’t matter is what saying

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max is 2^24 which is 16,777,216. so was right on max lol

The only thing extra generators should do is give you the ability to process more materials to create spark faster. Not effect the capacity.

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And additional durability.

ok, say you have 4 generators in a line and you have max or lets say 4 million spark. (I don’t know how it would behave at max, but this is what I know)

If you break the one on the end, no big deal. you still have 4 million spark.

If you break the 3rd one, you will LOSE spark, I would assume 1 million would be lost, so you would be left with 2 million with the 2 on the left and 1 million in the one that got separated on the right.

so, if you broke spark generators in between before the outer one, then that’s where you lost the spark.

[edit] actually this is wrong as explained by a dev below. breaking a line only splits the spark. breaking a separated generator would lose the spark.

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