Spark Grids Need to Interconnect

The current limit of 100 spark links and 16 spark generators is not my concern, although it is worth looking into. My proposal is that when two spark generators are linked, they should share their totals with machines connected to either generator rather than to both. This would significantly increase their usability within functional crafting bases, while still maintaining the limits imposed. Perhaps a new block or machine could be added specifically to fit this micro-niche within a crafter’s build, but spark networks just aren’t enough unless you squish all your machines into one area and quite frankly, I feel stifled.

Cant you just connect them with spark link?

Yes, but the spark won’t travel between them.
O = Machine
}{ = Generator
_ = Link
This will give the machine spark.
This will give the machine spark from only the closest generator. You’d have to make a direct connection using the links from the generator TO the machine which defeats the purpose.

This also wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t a 4 block limit to placing generators in a line.

. . . -} {
. . . -} {

This works

If it worked as suggested here, then it would be possible to make a single network of millions of spark cores, links and machines which would just utterly grind the server to a halt whenever changes were made to it -> a good reason why this wont happen.

The thing that may happen, is allowing spark-links to go beyond 100 in length, the 100 limit is a tentative limit to ensure it would not be too expensive (cost of removing links scales with the count), later down the line we may analyse performance and see what limits can be increased like this one.

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I understand the technical problems associated and I appreciate the response. I only recently started using spark in recipes and crafting machines that require it and encountered this limit while trying to connect my, admittedly numerous, crafting machines into one network so as to have less numbers to track.