Spark not being generated

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I put some wood fuel and portable spark :zap: in my spark generator only to find out hours later that the said items remained intact. No spark was generated. :anguished:
Is this happening to anyone else?


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I’m not the devs, but can you get a screenshot of the spark generator screen? It might help someone here help you, or it might be something the devs need. Also, if nobody else is experiencing this, the devs often ask for coordinates to the issue so they can check it out.

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Yes, have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?

  • Make sure it’s not “Worn Out” when you look at it
  • Is it full? It might not have room for more spark

For a spark generator that’s all I can think of though before summoning devs. Pictures are nice.


I don’t think you can mix fuel types, can you?

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Maybe try feeding it just the spark 1st?


You can put a different fuel type in every slot it’s fine.

This one’s doing 0 spark per second because it’s full.

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idk about spark, but I’ve definitely mixed peat and coal. Once I realized I could have more than one generator.

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Here’s a screenshot from my phone.


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Oh I see. I learned a thing today!


I’ll try restarting it later today

It’s full, craft more.

EDIT: Whether you have one unit or 16 units joined, the max spark a single generator system can hold is 16,777,xxx spark.

After you hit that point, your generator will consume a new piece of fuel each time it has room for the total amount of spark provided by that fuel. So, if you use 1000 spark, one of those spark items will be consumed immediately.


It shows over 16mil spark…is that maxed? Maybe add a generator?


Okay thanks I will try and use some of the suggestions here later today. Maybe it’s just full like @Nightstar suggested. :thinking:

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Don’t waste too much time. I mean, ofc have fun but here it is from the man :rofl:

If you want to see this: image

Things get complicated:

Getting this place all sorted was a great puzzle.

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I didn’t realize that there was a limit on spark stored. :disappointed_relieved: I was stocking up as much as I could before my next wave of crafting.

Wit the new spark object, the easiest way to do this is put some standalone generators in a corner somewhere

When you fill one up with spark, break it and put them into your main generator for storage, and BAM your generators are at nearly double capacity (for a 16-block unit).

If you want it all online and visible as in the screenshot above, yo just have to wire in a few generators, remembering that spark does not pass through machines or generators.

Sorry I took a minute to make this lame diagram:

The generators on the right will feed 16.7m spark through the red circle on the right.

The generators on the left can add 33.4m or whatever the double is through the red circle on the left.

I hope that’s helpful :thinking:


So it appears that @Nightstarwas correct. I only had to use a little spark for crafting today but the generator started to consume the fuel. Thanks everyone for your help.:sunglasses: