Sparta 1.0 Celebration Sale!


Brand new inventory of stuff… Shelves restocked and some special items added to the shelves at low low low prices…

Come on down to Sparta and help us celebrate our rise to Yellow Stardom…

FYI Sly if you see this please give us a day or two to bask in the glory before you prestige bomb Gemporium back up… :slight_smile:


hollllaaa!! congrats Sulf


Cratz guys! Nice new portals in moeb plaza too :sunglasses:


Thats actually the other Sparta lol… So there is now a Sparta on Therka and my Sparta on Berlyn.


Ah ok. Rly confusing.


As a former Berlyn Capital Mayor, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the club! Berlyn has a history of very competitive mayors and it’s always exciting to see a newcomer take the crown! Best of luck to you!


YOU GUYS TOOK CAPITAL FROM US?!?! Hehe nice job! We aren’t planning on expanding at this point so you will most likely be the holder for the next few months :hugs: we’ve held it long enough to be satisfied. Let’s keep growing Berlyn together though!!!


This is why I tell all my customer to go to Gemporium if I don’t have it… Class Act…
Sly your good people!


The Spartan Apella has had a large expansion…

Inventory that was formerly at the Spartan Helmet has been moved too the Spartan Apella…
So it can be your:
ONE STOP SHOP none of this having to portal jump and walk around in Sparta!!!

Why Sparta?
Best prices around…
Very convienent
And I dont have 12M in my bank account either not even close!

So instead of helping the rich get richer… Help make a poor man continue to provide you the customer
with the best shopping experience in the Universe!!!