Speaking of Sovereigns

Before the sovereign update, I was a bit of a naysayer. I thought it would spread the already to small community out too much… I thought it would hurt the economy, but I had absolutely NO IDEA how awesome they were until I recently came back to Boundless… it’s not my first reappearance, but this time feels different.

Another friend who used to play also was interested in coming back, but after a bunch of drama with plots and trolls he said he wouldn’t unless we had a sovereign planet. So, Bean Town was formed.

The first moment I stepped out of the sanctum and onto the planet, I was instantly thrown back to the first time I landed on Trior just a few days after release. Except this time I have a lot of unpacking to do! I can’t wait to discover all the regions and create beauty and memories. The colors are amazing! I am in awe at how beautiful this RNG creation turned out.

We’ve been having so much fun, just like back in the day… so much that two others have also returned. It feels like old times, and I missed them. I’m curious what other people have thought when they stepped out on theirs.

After reading the comment @monty1 wrote about possibly going FTP, I think it’s a wonderful idea! I’m happy to pay for the planet and gleam club…


I’ve loved having Sovereign planets since they launched. I’ve got 8 and I’d keep rolling them if I could afford to maintain a whole bunch more.

I just love having a range of planets with a plethora of resources that people are free to harvest. Being able to change colours when you fancy a change is great too.

Also, the privacy factor is great too. No need to worry that your build will be impeded by other people’s builds, etc.

I think sovereign planets were one of the best additions.


All the farms and mines that people open for public use make the game easier for everyone as well!
And creative worlds open for all, so everyone can try it for free. :sunglasses:

Sovs have been a success story for Boundless. :nerd_face:


Every time I’v done an sov it’s been a little sweet goosebumpy rush to explore, some of them were pretty marv elous. my framerate is often so low lately that i don’t see blocks until like a second or two after i place them, so running and jumping et al has gotten more awkward than fun, but i’ve definitely enjoyed the exos I had a ton.


The feel of stepping out onto a new planet is amazing! Seeing what you can make with the biomes and then exploring them for the first time, running the planet to fill an atlas… finding a place to set up a portal. I don’t build as much, but I love my home on Rivai. It’s so peaceful.

I have 6 sovs… I love them all. I want to roll more but I know if I do, I should put one toy away before playing with another… and my room is messy!

One of the best things about having my sovereigns is knowing that they are not just there for me, but that I’m doing this for the community too. Makes me feel like I am contributing in-game, and for the game owner/developer team. I’ve never in my life paid so much for a game (not the key, but the fun toys in the game)… usually it’s just the initial cost of the game, no meta money stuff… none. Till Boundless.

I’m jonesing for a fix with the rolling… so I might have to let a few of my current sov’s expire so I can roll… or maybe if I wait till closer to expiration, I can roll and then choose to keep a new one.