Special 1.0 Celebration Beacon Fuel Sale


Now selling Improved Beacon fuel only 100c, request baskets set up to try keep this going for people to fuel there beacons so one less thing to do as everything will be gone soon :slight_smile:

Currently in need of sweetbeans…

Go through big heart on waterfall road Aquatopia, and fuel is on the right as you come in. More crafting now. Don’t hog them all :wink:

x x x x x

(still cant seem to get images to show in posts…)




awesome thanks man <3


Next Load Out, Still need more beans :smiley:


Another 50 gone out :sunny:


More out, and topped up the request baskets, now paying 150 for orbs and 70 for sweet beans…


Next lot out, now paying 200C for orbs and 80C for seeds :slight_smile: