Special "mutation" abilities

when you spend 5 hours on a t5+ planet, you gain a mutation point. you need 5 mutation points to unlock a single “mutation” ability. Examples:

  • short range wings
  • gills or bigger lungs
  • 2 extra arms to hold stuff.
  • long range vision (less chunk filtering the farther away it is)
  • superjump (50m high and no fall dmg. an active ability with a cooldown)
  • oortian extractor (can handcraft things normally an extractor would have access too)
  • oortian compactor (can handcraft compactor stuff)
  • oortian workbench (can handcraft workbench stuff)
  • oortian refiner (can handcraft refiner stuff)
  • oortian mixer (can handcraft mixer stuff)
  • oortian centraforge (has a special portable forge menu in inventory.)

The cooldown to get a mutation point resets between planets. so you cant gleam farm on serp and dump your inventory on altinans and still get the points. You also have to be outside on the world to get these.


Sneaks in with the idea of becoming Geralt… Geralt the witcher Oortian who slays monsters… for coin… basically what we Oortians do except we sell them as parts

Yes. I prefer go through swamps than using the roads.

I think this just end up people playing the Afk game