Special signs being weird

Hmm it seems that the game does not work together with other keyboard types very well.
When i try tp write “?” i get “_” instead and when i try to write + i get - instead.

Thats cause its UK keyboard layout, in the game, you can see it in the options.


Devs could we have more keyboard layouts? Pretty please?

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What layout do you have? The next update will have fully configurable controls but for chat it will still require a supported layout for all the correct characters. Also some extended characters are missing from the font so appear as ?.

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I am using the danish keyboard layout.

Which is kinda wierd because of the added letters ÆØÅ.

This menas that most of my special signs are messed up.

Thanks. For chat we will need to make some more changes for Danish, and other languages. The keyboard remapping for controls should work, even if it displays the wrong character.

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Not even the wrong characters, it is just the way that the different keyboards are put up, for example in denmark we would use Shift and + at the same time to make ? but in the english keyboard you use Shift and .

its quite frustrating to get used cause i personally cant find any icons and signs that i use on danish

Also you cannot write with big letters by using Caps, you need to hold shift.

so its just a matter of no matter what keyboard layout you use the keyboard ingame use UK layout.

We did add keyboard layout options but only for French, German, UK and US layouts. There is a general solution for other layouts that needs to be done to support all the varied options out there.

I think I once sent a mail (on request) with all the changes that would have to be made for a swiss keyboard.
(Funfact: swiss and german keyboard layout is reaaally different.)
Didn’t get an answer. I mean it’s not an immediate problem but it is infact quite frustrating if you want to communicate with someone and you can’t do any smileys because god only knows where these characters are xD