"Spectrum" Pigment Store

Now open “Spectrum”. Every color pigment in the game will be offered here. Majority of the colors are already in stock and we have decided to open.

All sales are going to be sent to Iconic Guild Funds. Please do enjoy the colors. Don’t forget! Many colors can be mixed or used as fillers. To make more of the color or choice.

The only way to access Spectrum is at the Hunt Hive, or a secret entrance at Iconicsberg Plaza. If you go to the plaza… Good luck finding it!

If you have request or need any help.

Store Managers:



Want a little glimpse behind the scenes!

@glxxmz @Taleyah Thanks for being part of this crazy project!


I want a behind the scenes tour…

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There will be a portal open from shop to farm shortly.

I saw the portal in store I cannot wait to see, it looks amazing…I’m admiring the pic. Lol…

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It is open now. The farm is just up in running. Details will come soon.

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I’m so coming

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I stumbled across this place about a week ago - I was wondering what it was going to be used for and didn’t have any time to investigate! Looks amazing!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I know everyone is after shadow cerulean. Mix the ones I have here with the colors around it. You may end up with over 100 sprays.

How is the lava setup in between the growth and gleam patches?

Great stuff…
All we need to know now is…
Where is He-Man?

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What does everyone think on the pricing?

I’ll have to check it out. I have yet to even dip my toe in pigments yet, expanding my farming has been on the back burners for far to long really. now that my last project is past the “gather the stuff to make the blocks” stage I’d really like to see how your goo farm is setup.

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Portal to farm is in the store.


Several hundred pigments just stocked. Some new, some restock on sold out.

Screen shots can’t convey the scale of this farm. I absolutely recommend visiting it in game.

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After chatting to DaOne a bit we have even started improving the farm.

Pigment stations behind the Color changing station.

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Anyone new to mixing pigments to make sprays check this. Shadow Cerulean is a favorite by everyone for sure. If ever low on stock you can use many other combos to make more.

3 Shadow Cerulean
2 Black
3 Night Azure
2 Silk Cobalt

This ends up making 11Shadow Cerulean sprays!

So if one color is low… Dont wait around try some mixing!


Come check us out the 1st 50 colors are well stocked. The farm is improving every day. Soon prices will be able to be lowered.

Also looking to open a 2nd portal to the shop. Any ideas where this portal could go?

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Sorry we have not been stocking. We have not been able to get to our farm on Besverona for almost 2 weeks.