Speculations for the 200 patch


YES to everything…except the hunter! :scream:

I’m a sissy. You won’t see me near a cave for the life of me if they introduce hunters.

If they introduce those buggers…i’ll finally have to embrace the strip-mine life. **grabs sledgehammer and begins whacking rock in a straight line. ** :pick:


I really want a glider, though I’m not sure if that’s something that’s ever been talked about. For now I’ll just make do with my hook shot grapple.


nothing motion or redstone oriented in block form will be in this game because it’s a MMORPG.
1,2,4,6 are all doable. Bounce pad can be done as it can be a static block.


^^ oh give it up already. Im sick of seeing you complain and im sure the whole community is to. Please stop posting irrelevant stuff, hate, and nonsence. From what i have read on this fourm no one has mentioned red stone. Yea okay people have mentioned gliders or jet packs. Maybe one day somthing will be implamented. Till then we all know grapples are what we have.

Please just give up the sookie attitude and play the game like the rest of us. If not it was nice knowing you.

Im sorry devs and mods. I just have to speak up. Im done.


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Oh and one more thing, elevators are in the game already, place down doors, open them up, close them on top of you and hold space bar. Proceed to have fun. (not with a block on top of them)


More Australian Planets!!!

kinda stuck at Boori because there are no T4-6 for Aussies yet and Latency on the EU/US servers make it mostly unplayable


So so agree and Boori isn’t going anywhere fast. Even if they just gave us a L5 with a mixture of gems and titanium it would be better then going to the EU/US servers. Rubber banded into Lava and off cliffs so many times it’s not funny.
side note: where on Boori are you?


I started The Deep Dark… current capital for Boori… however most of that prestige isnt mine… Salvatory come along n built a portal to his shop did some nice roads and made it the capital

Im still quite a fair bit behind in tech… but im working on it :wink:


I built on a nice Island just off Hearstone when it was the Capital but that changed a few days ago. I screwed up and should have built in a settlement and reaped the rewards from footfall. To hard to pick up and move now. To much time invested.


Just want to see more recipes and I hope they continue to work on updating the portal system would also like to see the warden system overhauled maybe guilds if your not part of the guild you cannot place within so many plots idk just feel like warden is a joke rn


I just want

  • the remain creature especially fish, i hope i can catch it and put it on my fish pond or aquarium
  • Lance and the ability to throw it and pick it up again
  • more planet on Aus Server


More t5-t8 worlds. I like the six we have but I want MORE! We’ve got 30 lower tier worlds and six of the higher ones. It’d be nice to have a different gem world for each of the server bases, and that includes the Aus.
Oh speculation! Ummmm probably bug fixes mostly, and maybe some form of deco or wearable, that essentially changes nothing.


What this game desperately needs are high-end money-sinks.

(edit: i’m talking about in-game coins not cubits :wink: )


did they said anywhere any time that there will be outfits, armor and stuff?

i thought the outfitting is just a cosmetical cubit think like masks.


Through some marvellous tech wizardry they’ve made sure meteors will land on large flat areas and not on the edge of a 100ft drop, around very bumpy terrain or under a massive canopy of leaves that cause the mobs to spawn high up.
I wish…


Just one quick question, was there or will be there patch today? Or tomorrow? Anyone knows? I need to plan my days accordingly :crazy_face:


I did exactly the same thing off the Sunken City on Sochaltin :grin:


And fully round planets which you can dig holes trough and come out on the other side of the planet for patch 300 would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: not gonna happen


Thought that was patched?