Speculations for the 200 patch


I went into the game blind so I tried that with my trusty stone hammers. Let out a massive “Awwwww” as I hit mantle


<3 armor

also I need 10 characters in this to post


Yeah I hit mantle pretty early after starting. It’s that ‘awww’ moment :stuck_out_tongue: we can go pretty deep though, a game like this with so many interactive blocks (all block are) wouldn’t be possible years ago. And so much detail for such a large game. Still amazed every day.


its techinacly not possible to reflect a cube/block based map onto a sphere.
just check out starmade, how dam ugly the “planets” are there because they try this.


No, that makes sense now that you say it, I guess it’s a lot harder than polygons since those fit basically anywhere.


Meh, i really dont think there really needs to be any more of a money sink than the taxes we have


No automatic ones, like taxes, sure, but the game need voluntary ones. Some end-game goals for cash.


Like unlocking the ability to have more than 100 skillpoints in a skillset for 1million coins?


that would be a bit too overpowered I think, but yeah it’s a possibility.


What about 10million coins? For 10 extra points


I don’t like to just pick numbers out of thin air, sorry.

  • new T5 gem planets
  • beacon atmospheric protection
  • rift/blink/darkmatter
  • ?lances?

  • UI improvements to food/brew
  • buff to augments
  • balancing changes to xp
  • tweaks to prestige calculations


I too would like to see armor added. Forgeable armor in a forge that you have some real control over. Can add the protection you want with some randomness (maybe). It could free up skill points by removing them from the protection skills already in place. A shield would be nice. Fishing and chests or treasure of some kind to find while mining or exploring. Not sure if that can be done.


Repairs! For a partial cost of the ingredients, hell it can even be the entire cost of the ingredients.

Would made forging a bit less random, as once you get a perfect forge you can just repair up the piece.

I dunno, might be OP.


You could come up with effects besides armour too. A jump set? Fleet of foot? Faster craft set? List is endless.
Even sets that allow the choosing of 1 epic you couldn’t normally (If you choose hammer mastery and have Axe set equipped, it automatically adds Axe mastery. The set would only work if you had one of the other epics chosen in skill page) These sets offer no protection though.


There would have to be a change to the cleanse point system of some kind. Run out of points switching armor sets, but I like the idea.