Spider Mask Error

Loading Spider Mask Texture has prevented my game from loading more than once.

I did file verification the last time this happened.

Today, this issue is happening again. So file verification only helps for so long.

I dont know where to begin to fix it.
I dont even use spider mask.

Edit with update:
410 files failed to validate…
Well then, I see the problem :stuck_out_tongue:
Time to fix those files.

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Spider Mask Texture?

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Amazing picture uni3k

oops! I dont remember things very well.
I saw this:

Sry for delay in replay.This I saw on a PC with a really old GPU, 600-ish nividia.
The File verification seemed to resolve my inability to get in the game. I have played it since then :slight_smile:

OMG just shoot me now. All spiders need to die in a fire.

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Then there would be endless flies. Flies poop on things you eat.

More spiders please. Flies are ewww

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Spiders are usually pretty friendly creatures too :blush:

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