Split screen?

So this would be a perfect game to play split screen. At least 2 player. Are there any plans to make this happen on console either before or after release. Even if it was on an “offline” type server? I would greatly enjoy this as a feature


Good question. But with this type of game and the ambition of it, I highly doubt it. Maybe on private servers which are supposed to be in update 1.0.

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I honestly doubt any console could handle the load that this game in split screen would put on it. Rendering double the chunks, more if somebody is looking through a portal… that is not trivial. The bandwidth required alone would be more than most Internet connections could support. I don’t think it’s possible to do in the constraints of existing consoles, or future gen consoles.


It’s something we’ve thought about and the GUI is deliberately designed to allow it. I think it’s something that would increase appeal on console. There are questions about how free 2 players would be to move around the worlds. Would we allow both players to go their separate ways? Or would we require them to stay together? Technically speaking the engine does allow given we already render many worlds and portals, etc.

I think it’s cool. But at the moment it’s a low priority and a feature not in development for 1.0.


I appreciate the reply.
That was part of the reason I also asked maybe an after full release update.
Sure most people know about Ark S.E.They have a lock of how far players can move apart. I don’t think its a bad thing, as long as the separation limit distance is reasonable.
Although its not a current priority I do think it would help the game make a bigger splash on consoles. Again huge thanks for the reply. Can’t wait to play this sweet game and not just watch the YouTube videos. Lol.