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Hello all from Heart :bird:

How can I split blocks to have more, than one (more then one slot of one kind of block), of them in the inventory?; …
How (Possible) to take a number of blocks from one slot to another… ?

How do I removing blocks from the inventory to give it someone else / other without dying or building a block (for example: let them fall)?

Thank you all :bee:


To have more block you have to pick up more blocks
For example if you need 8 sand to make sandstone you just build a pile of 8 sand break them and pick it up then you can make sandstone.

The latter I don’t know

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Thank you Mittekemuis.

So, to have - for example - white gleam in three slots at the same time. It’s sometimes useful for using, when building in shape-mode.

I don’t know the exact number you need to fill a slot but yeah if you pick up a lot you can fill up many slots and use them for different slants

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As far as I am aware the only way to give blocks is to place them and let the other person break them.


No you can break them yourself and walk away from it so they can pick it up


you can spew blocks by spamming ‘‘G’’ as far as im aware, might have changed it.

EDIT: yep, they changed it. cannot be done anymore

@ben how hard would this be to implement? i know its not much of a problem atm cause of infinite mode, but still.


Currently Orange cubes need to collect 99 blocks to create another new stack of the same block in inventory.
For slope placement with nominal quantities of blocks, one needs to move block manually to the slots 2-6.
Splitting, sharing, giving, and dropping not yet a feature for players.
I believe that the purple people (Devs ) already have this ability!

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The best way I found to split blocks into separate slots is use the crafting menu. Pick up one, put it aside in crafting. Pick up another, move it to a new slot in crafting… repeat until you have as many separate slots as you need and then move them into your main bar.


ah that is a good idea I hadn’t thought of that


Really, a very good idea.

I use the crafting-menu also as an update to the main-menu.

For the record, a trading window is far superior to the MV spewing trick. For one, it is more reliable, requires both people to confirm and items don’t get lost in the process…


ofc. i think we should have both, and i know the devs have thought about it, since they showed an idea for the menu’s a long time ago, and there they showed trading.

but i always liked both. ofc if you are in a city you need trading, but to just throw some potions or whatever for a friend in case he is getting messed over in combat should also be a thing (we dunno how drops work yet, if you have to click e to pick it up, then you could just throw it so the item would be on the ground.


Japp, being able to simple drop something would be good next to a trading window. But not all items should be dropable (like shards or money for example). But setting such item properties should not be complicated.