Sponge farm on Phainopepla accessible via TNT Grovidias Te

If you need pulsating orbs or sponge, come check out my new sponge farm! It’s on my sovereign planet, Phainopepla (bird watchers unite!). Tier 3 planet I will be renewing, it has some good spots for lustrous wood and gleam and what not.

There are two levels/floors at this farm and two sponge blobs in a well lit building to keep you safe from the monsters.

You can access it by going to the TNT Megahub, Grovidias Te portal, then the portal on the far right, shown in the screenshot below.

The sponge is a color not in use elsewhere at the time I finalized the colors, in case that matters to anyone.

Edit to note - it’s my first farm so apologies if I missed anything…tried to think of how I would want it to be