Spooky's Future Plans

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Yabo, Oortians!
So, as you all know, Spooky is back!
I have a small house in the South-West of Munteen Paradise, and I thought that would be it, but it won’t be.
Soon in Munteen Paradise there will be a big portal, with my skull on it. This will lead to the new Spooky Portal Hub! It will have a few portals from me for good mining locations, marked with red gleam. It will also have a few gold portals, you can technically buy these, but contact me, i want to see where it leads first. It will have blue sections that anyone can buy. And then, finally, another red section, as is my theme, belonging - one to each person - the V I SPOOKIES (get it, VIP?). I will choose who these are, there will be 6, me included, who just make Boundless a great game. I’ve already found someone for 2/5 slots (I haven’t told them yet), and it’ll lead where they want, with a Spooky-Style Portal. I’ve also got a big plan, but I want to see how popular it will be, so I’ll reveal it later when more portals are active.


Now, pandering for replies isn’t prohibited (just don’t start begging for :heart: 's) but you will probably have better luck drumming up excitement and support for your big plan by giving a detailed plan or description of what you’re wanting support for, rather than asking for blind support on a mystery project… this isn’t youtube!

The VIP thing sounds cool though, so good luck with that project!


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Sounds cool spooky look forward to it been done need any help let me know :slight_smile: