Spray Creation Experience and Count

I noticed that I sometimes get a small amount of xp when making sprays. I have tried to figure out if it is tied to color or not, but so far all I have figured out is it seems like when creating more than 100, the game treats each stack of 100 as a single spray can. I am not sure if it does this for all colors, but it happens often. Also noticed that it seems to be affecting the spray creation feat as it says I have created around 10,000 when I have far more than that for sale. That’s all the info I can think of from my bit of testing

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This has already been added to the bug database:


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Ah, didn’t see that one when looking. Seems just the callout about xp is relevant. Doesn’t look like that was captured in the other thread. Might be the same fix, but could be two different issues