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You guys I’m a really big BIG fan of boundless I really wish more people would join though. Help by spreading the word like social media, friends, coment on youtube videos ( which is what i do) people don’t know about boundless and they are missing out! I literally have just been only playing boundless when I use to play other games every other day. I love boundless and I want to see it grow! So my message to the developers is: boundless has so much potential but we are behind you need to add more stuff if you want to get a hold of more players and actually keep them busy here are a few ideas that will boost boundless by alot
we need more creatures! Big bosses or add more creatures maybe different for every planet try spreading them out. One thing that would be cool is maybe adding another race that we would have to fight Random or on meteors
We need pets either you make new creatures or tame spitters, wildstock, hoppers, roadrunners and cuttletrunks. Levels maybe? Keep for ever or lose them if they die
Jetpacks, water motor boards, gleam guns or swords or gliders
keep them planets coming we need more planets with different color gleam, rocks and others please

Am I asking for too much?


No pets, no thanx, sounds like your pet will knock me off a ledge or block a doorway.

I’ll take boats tho. Guns uneeded, swords maybe. Need a melee of some sort.

Also depending on the planet, very active… some less then nobody.

Great post tho, love it.


Santa James is gonna give us some new permanent planets in lovely colours! Right, @james, right? :smiley:

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