Spreadsheet of Every Recipe

Does anyone have a shared spreadsheet that lists every single recipe in the game with information about the recipe, such as the machine it’s crafted on, how much heat, power, spark it requires, skill points and in what category, etc.?


hope this is what your looking for…


This is useful as well:



This should be all of them (as of 247): https://gofile.io/d/lxT3RC

(I do not have a Google account, so I cannot upload to GDrive for you, nor do I want to maintain a GDrive version of it).

If you need something from a programming/API perspective, checkout Boundlexx. That is where I got all of the data from anyways.



I’m not aware of any recipes missing from the wiki. Plus there’s a search function and hypertext linking.

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This is what I was looking for, thank you!

I wanted a spreadsheet version because it’s just a bit easier to find things by machine or by power required, as opposed to just searching by the item name.

The wiki has recipes categorized by machine as well as several other useful ways. I haven’t bothered with indexing by power because that never seemed terribly useful but now that you mention it, I could provide sortable reference tables on each machine description page. Or anyone could, it’s a wiki.

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