Spring Boots - Your Answer to Gravity

An idea for potential equipment: Spring boots.
Because I bet half of you will fall off a deadly cliff eventually.

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Don’t be rude, Zouls. :stuck_out_tongue: You should say, “Cool, great idea! Check out this earlier thread and add your thoughts to the discussion.”

Good work, boots. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I love those games so much.


I think you have misunderstood something about how things work around here. The only reason we keep him is to tell us the harsh truth. :smiley:

well attleast i didnt go

Cough cough

this is the reason i did it like this. cause i love the irony xD

apologies if you found it rude, have talked quite a bit with him and he is a cool guy, so i know he realized it wasnt written with ill intent. :smile:

But for the actual topic i think it is a cool one, and the idea too. however it can be a really good or really bad idea depending on how it is implemented.

a thing that is bad is when games make a system that cancels out another system in the game, in this case if the boots make you take no fall damage, that would be quite horrible.

but if you do it in a way that they make you take reduced damage by a small amount, not enough to make it op but enough to make a difference. and you would have to sacrifice something else for it (for example a combat enhancement you could have on the boots instead) then it would be good

that or do a FF14 type of system where you have ‘‘combat’’ gear with all the stats and ‘‘field gear’’ which helps on crafting and other stuff. in this game the fieldgear could be less falldamage, higher jumpheight. movement speeds. etc, these things could be used for crafting and building :smiley:

Can you try and explain your idea and be a little less descriptive.

lol I forgot about the bouncy post, and was kinda tired when I barged in with this. Woops.

No Problem :smiley:

No need to apologize he’s just to sensitive anyway. You haven’t been rude in any way.

Anyway, what do you mean by “Spring Boots” Do you mean the quarter spring or did you accidently use the german Word “spring” that does mean jump and would just mean jumping boots :smiley:

No matter what you mean I’d like that in some way, the best system would be the the long fall boots from Portal. BUT it only should help for an certain height, you shouldnt be abel to be completely imune to falldamage like in Portal.

this is a spring. he meant this. which is something you can use for jumping :smiley:

EDIT: there are springs in the side of a trampoline too, which is why you can jump.

Oh okay I googled that word but it didnt show me that. mybe because I put in “Spring boots” not “Spring” ^^