Stained Glass in Oort

I saw that the game have a really nice reflection system and that light can change how everything looks.

(picture taking with crystals and bouncy blocks, truly stunning)

so i thought it would be really nice if we could stain the glass blocks to get different colors, so light would look different as it enters and would give you the ability to make way more atmosphere, both for sunlight and light blocks. so putting a lightblock and then a stained red block infront of it, the light would go through and get a red color, maybe even the ability to combine colors to get different ones.

just something i would like to see, what do you guys think?

stained glass is always nice :smiley: But we will also be able to change the color of the crystals in the world builder in the near future :slight_smile:

The new crystal (will be named ‘Gleam’) has multiple colours, including some super rare colours variants that are harder to find. We’ll showcase it in the devlog soon

uhh. sounds really neat :smiley:

If there’s a cyan colored Gleam, I will horde ALL OF IT. :smiling_imp:

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