Stairs REALLY need to be tweaked

i can’t be the only one who dreads going up and down a mountain of staircases :frowning: it’s so sickening and dizzying, i avoid stairs like the plague which isn’t fun because i would really like to, uh, actually use them at some point.

the motion is far too rapid and unecessary and i think it needs to be smoothed out a lot. sorry if this is a repeat topic or if it was mentioned that they need to be fixed, but i didn’t see one so i thought i’d throw it out there just in case.


Consider slopes till stairs get tweeked

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It could be quite nice to just generally have a bit of elasticity in the the players ‘neck’ as it were so any abrupt movement (like walking up/down stairs) would be smoothed out.


Try just using them as a decoration for now.